Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gifts for 1st birthday

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If you are attending a birthday party of a one year old, then soft teddy bear or toys are the commonest form of gifts for 1st birthday. Of course, nothing will make the baby more happy than a toy or anything with which the baby can play. But if one wants to be a little different, then one can go for Personalized story book or " My very own name" personalized children's book that the celebrant will adore when he or she will be 100 years old! Also there are nursery tents or rockers or Pirate backpacks. If you want to give something useful then there is a huge range- there are photo albums for babies, shirts or apparels, bibs, cups, hats, baby blankets and many more.

If one wants to be a little extravagant then the birthday gift set for the baby can be a good option. Whatever you may be, just keep in mind that the one year old is not infant anymore and is growing rapidly but yet has not reached the maturity level of three years old. To get some tips while buying gifts for first birthday, click here.


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