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1st birthday party ideas

1st Birthday

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If you are going to celebrate 1st birthday of your baby and is thinking of it making it special then the first and foremost thing to decide whether you want a grand birthday party or want to keep it private affair. Of course, most people would like to have a celebration on the 1st birthday of their "bundle of joy", but to make a birthday party successful, one needs to plan way ahead of the occasion. You can get useful tips from Annie's Maternity Corner or can get new party ideas from other parents who had the experience of arranging the parties for toddlers.
The theme of the party can be anything from Teddy Bear to Noah's Ark and there are lots of online shops for 1st birthday party supplies. Balloons, pinatas, confetti are must for a baby's birthday party. To have the one year old babies as well as their parents enjoy their time, indoor games can be arranged.
One has to often scratch their heads for deciding the menu of the birthday party of toddlers. Sometimes, the grown up family members have to be satisfied with the bland food items that are good for the health of the babies. Striking a right balance in the main course is the key to the grand success of the 1st birthday party celebration. I am looking for some good birthday party recipes and when I will find few I will share with all of you. So stay tuned folks.

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